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Custom Closets St Petersburg, FL – Owning a custom closet in your home is a crucial step in leading an organized life. A closet eases the processes of organizing your clothing and shoes. It also minimizes the time needed for preparation in the morning because you know exactly where everything you need is.  Spartan Home Solutions is a St. Pete custom closets company that is dedicated to making sure your dream of having an organized home is achieved. ​We tend to have choices and preferences when it comes to buying your first or subsequent closets. From color, size to the actual working of the closet, you want it in a certain way.   There is no better way of getting exactly what you want other than ordering a customized version of the closet you want. You may see something similar on display in furniture shops but it may not meet the exact needs you have.  Below we compare custom-made closets with premade ones to show you the benefits of getting a custom one from Spartan Home Solutions. ​


St. Pete, FL Custom Closet Installation Options

1. Color preference: You get to decide the exact color of the custom closet you want. To the shade, to match the color scheme of your house. 2. Perfect shape: We understand how important the shape of a closet is. In efforts to maximize the use of the area allotted for the closet, we will design and build an exact fit. You won’t have to do any extra customization on the closet. 3. Auto-working and mechanics: Do you want a static or a rotating closet? Whether you want a walk in closet or an ordinary closet. We will make your dreams come true. You get to decide how your closet will work in respect to all your needs. Closet installation.  Closet installation has to be done with the highest expertise to achieve precision because if a slight misalignment occurs, it may render the whole closet useless. We can build a variety of closets with different space needs, we can take a portion of your bedroom space and incorporate it into your closet without any cutting on the walls. It will be a built-in closet.  You don’t have to worry about anything as our installation team is made up of professionals who are trained for high precision guaranteeing customer satisfaction. After installation, your new custom closet will be ready to for use.

St Petersburg, FL Custom Closet Builders

We build a variety of closet models to suit all your needs. From office purposes to domestic purposes, we will build any closet of you specification. Some of the models we build for our customers include: 1. Custom walk in closets.  Defined by high quality and professional makes, the walk in closets we build are of the highest standard in Sarasota and Brandeton area. With the right size in mind, we can customize a walk in closet for you. 2. Custom home office design.  Offices are places where crucial business deals are made. You should have it organized to ease retrieval and storage of various data structures regarding the state of your business.   We also do custom office closet making. Customized to suit all your official purposes, the closet can have any official color of your choice to match the color scheme of your office. 3. Custom media centers.   Electronics should be arranged in a certain pattern in order to get the best out of them. We understand the need to have all your electrical devices organized in one place for easy linking and control. Spartan Home Solutions is the company you should rely on when it comes to building of media centers. You will get a customized closet of your own specifications. Why we deliver the best.  Within a period of the last 2 years we have won two awards. We were voted as 2017’s the Best Custom Closet Company in Manatee County and the Best Custom Closet Company in Manatee and Sarasota Counties during the 2018 period.

The Best St. Pete FL Closet Company

What makes us ranked among the best includes: Quality: This remains our top priority when building different custom closets for our customers. We understand the need for quality products in today’s market and we ensure you get the best and nothing but the best. Customer care service. You should receive treatment of the highest quality  because you keep us afloat on the market. Communication will be done by you with our founder or the president. After the information exchange with them, you won’t be needed to make further inquiries because they will handle everything for you. Short delivery time: You won’t be forced to wait for months until your customized closet gets ready. Within a short period of time, the installation of the built custom closet commences. Installation of typical custom closets won’t take more than 2 days to complete. A combination of craftsmanship and long experience in the industrial field has led to the success of our company. Spartan Home Solutions is a company built on family values. We understand all the needs of our customers and we build them into closets. ​After reading on why we are considered the best custom closet makers in St Pete and surrounding areas, you have seen the various models of custom closets we make, you should be able to decide on the specifications of the closet you want built for your specific needs.   Take a step and get a quote today. The closet of your dream is a step away.

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